I do many things outside work.


I never stop exploring. The map shows an incomplete list of places where I have visited in North America. The list includes 18 national parks in the US and keeps growing. I enjoy hiking, camping, beaches, museums, big cities, small villages, almost everything that is a new experience to me.


I used to take photos with my Canon 50D and Sigma 18–50mm f/2.8 EX DC. Now I use Sony a7R III with some cheap lenses. Night photography is my favorite. I photographed northern lights, star trails, meteor showers and the milky way several times.


I got a tennis racket as a gift in 2018 and started to play tennis. Soon it becomes my favorite sport. Now my level might be around 3.5.


I learned how to ski in 2021 at Jack Frost. I was bad at the beginning. But now I can almost do parallel skiing. Vail’s Back Bowls so far are my favorite.


No one can resist delicious food. I try all kinds of food when travelling. I will come up with a list of restaurants that I would recommend.